Awww yeah! Ullr’s head is done sans needle sculpting and hand stitching! I really like how the front view turned out! I’m really enjoying plushing this not so little guy. Also for size reference have my hand and head.
I think I might need a Valkyrie pony too. Fluffy ears are soooo cute!

Ullr progress!
Head done with needle sculpting and hand-stitching to do. He’s quickly becoming one of my favourite plush projects ever with those super awesome Valkyrie ears (I WANT TO MAKE MORE FLUFFY EARED GUYS) I’m also really happy with the front view. On a side note, here is a size comparison with my hands and face.
Yep. Still a touch injured. It’s all good though. Just have to wearing it during plush time.

Commission wippppp! I’m aiming to get the head done tonight… I hope!

Here is what essentially is my stallion pattern looks like. Minus hoooves. I’m lazy. He has a marker face so I know where to put mag eyes.
Also Ullr ears. YEAH

Plannnzzzz! I won’t be able to wear what I planned for Sydneigh for PonyCon because HEEEAAATT.
So I’m planning something breezy and light. Rarity is my other favourite aside from AJ! Also, Garden Party Rarity is like one of my favourite outfits evaaarrrrr!
I plan quickly.

I have the bestest desk right now.

Oh boy. I need more coloursssssss I’m actually more out of embroidery thread than I thought?

Oh boy. I need more coloursssssss I’m actually more out of embroidery thread than I thought?

Happy commissioner is happy but makes me happppiiieerrr! Such cuties


Ragyo Kiryuin Wig Tutorial/Walkthrough

For everyone who’s ever wanted to make their own Disco MILF!  We got a ton of questions about my Ragyo wig, and fortunately I took a bunch of progress photos.  This includes a basic walkthrough of how I made my own wig, as well as a few extra suggestions for anyone looking to try it.

[More Ragyo photos at our KLK tag]


Before I forget! I finished my dragon horn hair clips tonight. They were painted and then coated in the nail polish I originally bought for Kyogre. I wanted something that gleamed a little and this gave a really nice scaly effect.