Uploading before I get to work! ^u ^

I cleaned up my space~ * o*

Here’s a little info:

My space in about 4.5’x4.5’, and sits at the corner of our bedroom. (Our bedroom is about 12’x12’) It’s tiny, but get the job done! ^u ^ Most of the furiniture was bought at IKEA, The Container Store, Jo-anns, Target or just second-hand. ^u ^ NOTHING here, furinture wise, cost more than $35, my table had to have been the most expensive. :) Even my lamp was just $1 (Bought at garage sale)! xD

Most of my stuff is here, however I have some other stuff like fabric, stuffing and random junk hidden in the closet. ^^

I think I might need to consider getting a small fold out table do put to the side of me when I’m working. I love looking at work spaces. SO INSPIRING :D

Stuffed stallion is stuffed. My god am I tired.

Stuffed stallion is stuffed. My god am I tired.

Why. Why am I not asleep?

What would you recommend for someone who is just starting out making plushies of their own?

Do it for the right reasons I think. I already loved sewing and creating when I started so getting into plushie making I dived head first. If you love it, you will enjoy spending hours in front of the sewing machine and coming out of it a little hurt and tired (needles, curse it all) but with something beautiful.

It’ll be expensive at first. I started learning using Valley Violet’s incredibly in depth pony pattern along with checking out Dolphin Wing’s and free ones too. Then I developed my own :D.  But material and time costs were initially quite high. 

I wish you the best of luck. I know you can do it.


A little video on how I sew hooves. Hopefully it’s helpful to someone. 

Let me know if there are any sewing or pony related things you’d maybe like to see a little video on. 

Oh naz. You are my hero :D

Ullr progress!
Head done with needle sculpting and hand-stitching to do. He’s quickly becoming one of my favourite plush projects ever with those super awesome Valkyrie ears (I WANT TO MAKE MORE FLUFFY EARED GUYS) I’m also really happy with the front view. On a side note, here is a size comparison with my hands and face.
Yep. Still a touch injured. It’s all good though. Just have to wearing it during plush time.

Commission wippppp! I’m aiming to get the head done tonight… I hope!

Here is what essentially is my stallion pattern looks like. Minus hoooves. I’m lazy. He has a marker face so I know where to put mag eyes.
Also Ullr ears. YEAH

Plannnzzzz! I won’t be able to wear what I planned for Sydneigh for PonyCon because HEEEAAATT.
So I’m planning something breezy and light. Rarity is my other favourite aside from AJ! Also, Garden Party Rarity is like one of my favourite outfits evaaarrrrr!
I plan quickly.

I have the bestest desk right now.